XIII International Astronomy Olympiad
XIII Международная  астрономическая  олимпиада

Trieste (Italy) October, 13th – 21st, 2008

Armenia Australia Bangladesh Belorussia Brazil Bulgaria China Crimean peninsula Croatia Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland Georgia Greece India Indonesia Iran Ireland Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea Latvia Lithuania Mexico Moldavia Moscow land Poland Romania Russia Switzerland Serbia singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Sweden Thailand Ukraine Vietnam Yugoslavia

Organized by:    Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics

sponsored by:     Agenzia Spaziale Italiana        Provincia di Trieste    Comune di Trieste

with Consorzio per l'incremento degli Istituti di Fisica dell'Università di Trieste
and Associazione degli Industriali di Trieste

The Venue

The XIII IAO is organized by the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (dept. of Italian National Institute for Astrophysics) with the supervision of the IAO Coordinating Council.

It will be hosted by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), located 7 km north of the town center. The ICTP operates under a joint agreement between UNESCO, AIEA and the Italian Government.

Observatory m.b.

The town

ICTP main building

The Campus

The shown area is 0.8 km x 0.6 km


The teams will reside at the Adriatico Guesthouse (AGH, see map above) or in the neighbouring hotels.

AGH virtual tour


The theoretical and practical rounds will take place in the Aula magna of the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA, see map above).
The observational round will be set at the AGH terrace.

The Observatory

A free observing session is planned at our branch station (Basovizza)

Scientific excursions

The large synchrotron Elettra, 2 km far from the Observatory

Excursion to Venice

Venice is 1.5 hours far from Trieste.
A boat trip through the canals, a visit to San Marco byzantine church and to an art exhibition are planned.

Venice virtual tours (many)

The Local Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairwoman: prof. emer. Margherita Hack, Trieste University

Honorary Chairman: prof. Stefano Cristiani, Trieste Astron.Obs. director

Chairman: Conrad Böhm, Trieste Astronomical Observatory

Secretary: Mrs. Gabriella Schiulaz, Astron.Obs.Trieste

Info e-mail address: boehm@oats.inaf.it

Fax: +

Last update: July 7th, 2008



Euro-Asian Astronomical Society

The International Astron. Olympiad

Past three Olympiads:

The 10th IAO, Beijing, 2005

The 11th IAO, Mumbai, 2006

The 12th IAO, Simeiz, 2007

Rules and application

For the first time visitor

Team formation

Competition rules

A pre-application (short report) has to be sent to the Olymp.Comm. within June 8th.

The regular deadline for application is within July 13th.
The late deadline for application is within August 10th.
In both cases, within August 10th all the personal and passport data, the questionnaires and translations of the rules have to be sent to the Ol.Comm.


13th: arrival, team leaders meeting
14th: opening ceremonies, lecture
15th: theoretical round
16th: science, observational round
17th: rest, sport
18th: practical round, free observation
19th: excursion to Venice, Jury final m.
20th: closing ceremony, farewell party
21st: departures
note: at the unofficial opening ceremony, October 14th night, each team will have some time (5-10 min) for a short presentation.


If the short report is adopted not later than July, 13th, and the application is adopted not later than August, 10th:

Team fee: 495.– Euro/team
Students and first team leader: 495.– Euro/person
Pedagogical leaders: 0.– Euro
Observers: 1.000.– Euro/person

If the short report is adopted later than July, 13th, and the report and the application are adopted not later than August, 10th:

Team fee: 595.– Euro/team
Students and first team leader: 595.– Euro/person
Pedagogical leaders: 0.– Euro
Observers: 1.200.– Euro/person

The participation fee covers the board, lodging, transportation, excursions, sport, ceremonial, insurance and general organization expenses Oct. 13th–21st.
Supplement fee for extra days: 120.– Euro (per person, per day, maximum 1 day after and 1 day before).
The fees are to be paid cash the first days of accomodation.

Youth program

Basketball tournament (3 vs. 3)
Chess tournament (individual)

These activities shall take place, together with Trieste high school students, downtown at the Chiarbola sport hall (2.000 seats), courtesy of Trieste municipality. It is recommended to wear sport clothes and shoes suitable for wooden floor.

About Trieste

The town

Weather forecast

The climate is mild. In October, the average temperature is 15.3 deg.Celsius. Sometimes a very strong wind (Bora), blowing ENE, makes the temperature fall down to continental levels.

Further information

IAO foundation decree

Acting Statutes and regulations

Representatives and work.bodies

Next Intern. Astronomy Olympiad

The Asian-Pacific Astron.Olympiad

Other science olympiads

Olympic Committee address

Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov
Founding Chairman and Coordinator of the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO)

ISSP of Russian Academy Of Sciences
Institute avenue 15
142432 Chernogolovka
Moscow region, Russia

e–mail: gavrilov@issp.ac.ru
fax: + 7–(496–52)–49–701

Conrad Böhm, Giulia Iafrate delineaverunt MMVIII
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