Roberto Maiolino - Fundamental? Yes. No. Maybe…

Fundamental? Yes. No. Maybe…
by Roberto Maiolino (University of Cambridge)
Abstract: Many famous scaling relations involving galactic quantities have been used to infer important information on the physical processes that drive galaxy formation and transformation. Yet, correlation does not imply causation. Indeed, correlations between galactic properties are often indirect and just a by-product of more fundamental relations. In order to identify the primary mechanisms governing galaxy evolution, it is crucial to disentangle indirect, a-casual relations from those that are truly intrinsic to the various populations of galaxies. As an example, I will illustrate the case of the famous, so-called, ‘Main Sequence’ of star forming galaxies, i.e. the correlation between star formation rate and galaxy stellar mass; I will show that, despite the apparent tightness of this relation, this is not a fundamental relation at all, it is simply a by-product of much more fundamental relations (which I will reveal during the seminar). Similarly, the association between galaxy quiescence and morphology, with the widespread notion that passive galaxies tend to be more spheroidal systems, is a misconception arising from indirect correlations: quiescence is actually driven by more fundamental relations (which, again, I will reveal during the seminar).  While revisiting causality in many of the galactic scaling relations (often with the aid of Machine Learning techniques) I will attempt to provide a global picture of the implied understanding of the primary processes that regulate galaxy evolution and transformation.
And, don’t worry, it will not be a seminar only about astro-statistics… I will support and complete the picture by also presenting some recent, very interesting new data on specific samples of objects, especially from ALMA… including some fantastic new results, freshly arrived from Chajnantor, that are coming out of the pipeline as I’m writing this abstract!

Contact: C. Feruglio

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