Stefano Russo - Software containers and INAF's Rosetta science platform

Software containers and INAF's Rosetta science platform

by Stefano Russo (INAF - Trieste)

Abstract: Software containers are a small revolution in software development. They allow for similar benefits as virtual machines but are way lighter to execute. This translates in making it possible to easily work in isolated, self-consistent units, where each software has its own Linux distribution and set of dependencies, thus escaping the so called "dependency hell". Because of this, containers allow to reliably move software from one environment to another, and greatly improve scientific reproducibility. On top of this concept, we built Rosetta, INAF's science platform. Rosetta allows to run both pre-defined and user-defined software containers on a variety of computing resources, including HPC clusters and data-intensive systems, so that once a software package or library is containerised it will seamlessly work on any of them. Rosetta is already available to any INAF user having access to such computing resources, or to new users requiring it.

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