Ferdinando Patat - Optical polarimetry of explosive transients

Optical polarimetry of explosive transients

by Ferdinando Patat (ESO - Garching)

Abstract: Polarimetry is a photon-starving technique which allows to extract geometrical information that cannot be obtained with any other method. In my seminar I will briefly review the basic concepts, present the application to explosive events (mainly on supernovae) and discuss the results obtained so far. I will also briefly go through the cases of kilonovae, other exotic transients and a recent application to the problem of the spinning axis tilt of a BH in a binary system.

Contact: C. Feruglio

Join in person in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, please book here below) or remotely on meet.google.com/zfy-mtgs-tpc

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