Miguel Quartin - Measuring the primordial CMB dipole

Measuring the primordial CMB dipole
by Miguel Quartin (Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
Abstract:The cosmic microwave background (CMB) dipole is usually assumed to be due to our peculiar velocity with respect to the Hubble-flow. This kinematic hypothesis, although reasonable, has for a long time eluded a direct test. We will show that by measuring independently the Doppler and aberration couplings in the CMB one can constrain the presence of an intrinsic CMB dipole. These measurements can be made in an independent way from the CMB dipole itself and combining all three we get the first constraints on the intrinsic dipole: < 3.7 mK (95% CI). We also report an estimate of our peculiar velocity without assuming a negligible intrinsic dipole contribution. We will discuss the consistency of our results with the peculiar velocity hypothesis of the dipole and forecast what future experiments can bring.
Contact: V. Marra
The seminar will be held in hybrid form in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, please book here below) and on meet.google.com/zfy-mtgs-tpc

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