Luca Izzo - Searching for jet-cocoons in broad-lined Supernovae

Searching for jet-cocoons in broad-lined Supernovae 
by Luca Izzo (Niels Bohr Institute, Univ. Copenhagen)
Abstract: In this talk I present and discuss some observational evidence for jet-cocoon features in the early spectra of recent type-Ic BL SNe. After a short introduction to the connection between gamma-ray bursts and supernovae, I will present the case for the jet-cocoon emission and its first detection in GRB171205A. The modeling of the X-ray and optical SN emission will be also discussed. Finally, I will show some recent results on a current observational campaign dedicated to identifying cocoon features in broad-lined SNe that don’t seem associated with GRBs. Positive detections will suggest the existence of a complementary mechanism capable to power energetic SN explosions, in addition to the “standard” neutrino re-heating mechanism.
Contact: P. Molaro
Join in person in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, here below) or on

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