Laura Magrini - The journey of Lithium

The journey of Lithium

by Laura Magrini (INAF - Arcetri)

Abstract: After more than ten years and six data releases, the Gaia–ESO spectroscopic survey has come to an end. Gaia–ESO provides an extremely rich database of stellar parameters, radial velocities, and chemical abundances of more than 100 000 stars, amongst which the abundance of lithium can be considered one of the main products. Lithium is perhaps the most enigmatic of the elements, with several open issues regarding its nucleosynthesis and its evolution in stars and in the Galaxy. I will discuss the journey of lithium on the surface of evolved stars, using Gaia– ESO data for both field and cluster stars, focussing on the impact of extra mixing and possible lithium enrichment during the helium-burning phase.  

Contact: G. Cescutti

Join in person in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, please book here below) or remotely on

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