Esra Bulbul - eROSITA's First View of Baryons in Clusters of Galaxies

eROSITA's First View of Baryons in Clusters of Galaxies
by Esra Bulbul (Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics)
Abstract: Successfully launched in July 2019, eROSITA, the German-built telescope array operating between ~0.3-8 keV on board the Russian-German Spectrum-RG (SRG) mission, provides a unique imaging, spectroscopic, and timing capability. The high sensitivity, large field of view, and high survey efficiency of eROSITA is bound to revolutionize X-ray astronomy. By performing eight all-sky surveys, each lasting half a year in the next four years, eROSITA will deliver the largest catalogs of X-ray sources. Clusters of galaxies trace the highest peaks in the cosmic density field and offer an independent and powerful probe of the growth of structure. The final eROSITA All-Sky Survey catalog with more than 100,000 clusters will map the large-scale structure and put us on the verge of a breakthrough in precision measurements of the cosmological parameters. The performance verification survey eFEDS, at the depth of the final All-Sky Survey, has provided a sneak preview of rich cluster science that will be achieved by eROSITA. I will review the eFEDS results on cluster science published in the early A&A Special Issue and present the properties of clusters of galaxies detected in the first All-Sky survey.
Contact: A. Saro
Join in person in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, here below) or on

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