Umberto Maio - Theoretical modelling of early cosmic structure formation: an overview

Theoretical modelling of early cosmic structure formation: an overview

by Umberto Maio (INAF - Trieste)

Abstract: I will briefly introduce my scientific activity. After presenting the main issues related to cosmic structure formation, from primordial to more recent epochs, I will discuss the theoretical modelling and corresponding numerical implementations required to follow and understand cosmic gas in a variety of regimes, as well as its interplay with the surrounding environment. This will allow us to get realistic estimates of atomic and molecular chemical abundances at different redshifts, contrast them to observations from a number of extragalactic sources (DLAs, GRBs) and put constraints on the populations which they might originate from or on the occurrence of unconventional structures (MBHs). Finally, I will give some hints on the role of alternative or more-complex-than-classical-LCDM hypothetical models (non-Gaussian, quintessence, WDM) for baryon structure formation and their negligible impact on various astrophysical observables.

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