Marusa Bradac - The Final Frontier: Galaxies at the Epoch of Reionization

The Final Frontier: Galaxies at the Epoch of Reionization
by Marusa Bradac (University of Ljubljana)
Abstract: In the recent years HST observations of blank fields enabled us to detect galaxies as far as z~11. However, very little is known about those galaxies, and they are mostly the most luminous representatives.  Clusters of galaxies, when used as cosmic telescopes, can greatly simplify the task of studying and finding normal galaxies at high redshifts. Several large surveys have recently been executed (CLASH, HFF, Relics) and several are planned with JWST  with the main goal of identifying and studying star formation of galaxies at z > 7. I will present results from Spitzer and Keck showing successful measurements of the properties of stellar populations. I will also present the latest measurements of the neutral fraction of hydrogen, signifying the end of epoch of reionization. I will conclude by describing the JWST status and identifying new puzzles facing future surveys at z~7 and beyond.
Contact: V. D'Odorico

Join in person in the Library seminar room (Castello Basevi - reservation required, please book here below) or remotely on

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