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Raggruppamenti scientifici nazionali:

RSN1: Galassie e Cosmologia

RSN2: Stelle, popolazioni stellari e mezzo interstellare

RSN3: Sole e Sistema Solare

RSN4: Astrofisica relativistica e particellare

RSN5: Nuove tecnologie e strumentazione

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Titolo Data pubblicazione
RSN1: A preparatory study for the ELT ANDES early Universe science cases - ANDES 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: Prepping up in STILES: exploiting current optical-to-radio observations in view of galaxy evolution studies in high-redshift cluster environments with ELT and SKA - STILES #3 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: The Circumgalactic medium, outflows and environment around luminous quasars from Reionisation to Cosmic Noon - STILES #2 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: The Sandage test of the cosmological redshift drift - from ESPRESSO to ANDES and SKA - STILES #1 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: Dissecting galaxies and AGN at the cosmic noon with JWST 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: Cold gas driving the evolution of galaxies over cosmic history 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: Finding clusters of galaxies in the spectroscopic survey 17 Maggio 2023
RSN1: Unveiling the origin of first supermassive black holes with gravitational wave signatures 22 Luglio 2022
RSN1: Portraying the missing baryonic mass at the cosmic noon 23 Giugno 2022
RSN1: Galaxy evolution in high-redshift galaxy clusters 10 Giugno 2022
RSN1: Building the Giants: mass assembly, accretion and feedback in high redshift QSOs 09 Giugno 2022
RSN1: Testing Cosmologies Beyond the Standard Model with Euclid 09 Giugno 2022
RSN2: Understanding galaxy formation through the chemo-dynamics of Milky Way's stellar fossils 13 Maggio 2021
RSN2: Measuring chemical abundances in stellar spectra 12 Maggio 2021
RSN2: Origin of the light elements: Lithium and Beryllium 12 Maggio 2021
RSN3: Bridging galactic and planetary habitability 18 Marzo 2021
RSN3: Climates of exoplanets: multi-parameter exploration of the Habitable Zone 18 Marzo 2021
RSN3: The source of CO in debris disks 18 Marzo 2021
RSN1: Measuring the mass accretion rate of clusters of galaxies 11 Marzo 2021
RSN1: The relative role of AGN and stellar feedback on galaxy evolution 02 Marzo 2021
RSN1: The impact of a variable Initial Mass Function on galaxy evolution 02 Marzo 2021