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My main scientific interest is the study of formation and evolution of cosmic structures, namely  galaxies and galaxy clusters. I use numerical codes like the TreePM+SPH Gadget-3. Many astrophysical processes cannot be resolved at the typical force and resolution scales we use in cosmological computation, due to the huge dynamical range needed; thus, sub-resolution models must be adopted to take them into account.
We developed a model for star formation and stellar energy feedback, that  gives us the star formation rate, the energy available for feedback and also the properties of the sub-resolution ISM. I am now using such a model in Gadget, to investigate the properties of high-resolution disk galaxies and of galaxy populations in cosmological volumes.
Together with the group. I also work on improving the implementation of energy feedback of Active Galactic Nuclei in simulations of galaxy clusters and on improving the Lagrangian integration of the Euler-Poisson equations. We recently reproduced, for the first time in SPH simulations, the CoolCore/NonCoolCore dycothomy observed in galaxy clusters.
Finally, I work in the field of Astrobiology. We implemented a simplified climate model that is applicable to exoplanets, and used it to study how the habitability of such exoplanets depend on the unobserved planetary characteristics that determine their climate.


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