Anna Gallazzi - Stellar populations in galaxies: an observational journey toward galaxy evolution

Stellar populations in galaxies: an observational journey toward galaxy evolution
by Anna Gallazzi (INAF - Arcetri)

Abstract: The metal abundances of galaxy stellar populations are the result of the interplay between star formation, gas recycling and galaxy-environment interactions, integrated over the whole galaxy formation history. Together with stellar population ages, they thus constitute a fossil record of galaxies’ SFHs. The so-called archaeological approach - decoding stellar population physical parameters from galaxy spectra - has been extensively adopted in the local Universe and, until recently, it has been carried out in a complementary but parallel way to direct look-back studies of the demographics of galaxy populations at different redshifts. Recent and planned deep spectroscopic surveys at intermediate redshifts are providing spectra of the required quality on the stellar continuum and for statistically representative samples that finally allow a joint archaeological and look-back approach. This will be key to approach a statistical connection between progenitors and descendants.In this talk I will give an overview of the main results from our efforts to constrain stellar population properties from low-z spectroscopic surveys and their dependence on mass, star formation activity, structure and environment. I will then talk about prospects from deep spectroscopic surveys of near mass-selected samples at z

Contact: Fabio Fontanot

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