RSN1: Detecting clusters of galaxies in the spectroscopic Euclid survey

Tesi specialistica - Master thesis

Area Tematica: RSN 1 - Galassie e cosmologia

Referente: Andrea Biviano (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Titolo: Detecting clusters of galaxies in the spectroscopic Euclid survey
Decorrenza: 28.09.2022

Descrizione: The Euclid mission will survey 15,000 sq.deg. at redshift 0.9-1.8 using slitless spectroscopy. In preparation for the survey, using the mock Euclid survey "Flagship2", we want to develop a tool for the detection of clusters in redshift space. Detection of clusters in the Euclid photometric survey will be difficult in the redshift range covered by the Euclid spectroscopic survey, so it is worth trying to consider detection in redshift space, even if the spectroscopic coverage of the Euclid survey will be sparse. For this purpose, the student will modify and adapt an existing algorithm, "Z-CL", that has been developed for the evaluation of the mean redshift of an independently detected cluster. The modified algorithm will be tested on the Flagship2 mock survey and its performance evaluated in terms of purity and completeness in comparison with the halo catalog of the mock survey.