Investigations on Cosmological Models

Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters

Clusters of galaxies are used as tracers of the evolution of cosmic structures through the analysis of their redshift distribution and of their large-scale clustering properties. This line of research is carried out along three main directions: (a) by deriving constraints on cosmological parameters from the analysis of already available cluster surveys, mostly through X-ray and SZ observations; (b) by computing forecasts on cosmological constraints from future surveys (mostly Euclid), with specific attention payed to the systematic effects related to the definition of the survey selection function and to the uncertainties in the relation between actual cluster mass and observational properties at different wavelengths; (c) by the assessment of the theoretical systematics related to the calibration of mass function and large-scale clustering of halos.

Contact Person: S. Borgani

Staff: A. BivianoE. RasiaM. Viel

Postdoc: V. Biffi, B. Sartoris

PhD Students: L. Pizzuti, L. Bassini


Intergalactic Medium

Contact Person: M. Viel

Staff: S. Cristiani, V. D'Odorico



Large Scale Structure

Contact Person: E. Sefusatti

Staff: S. Borgani, G. De Lucia, P. MonacoM. Viel


PhD Students


Origin of Chemical Elements: from primordial Nucleosynthesis to First Stars

Contact Person: P. Molaro