Cosmological Simulations of Large Scale Structure

Hydrodynamical Simulations of Galaxy Clusters

Based on the TreePM-SPH GADGET-3 code. These simulations, which include the effect of feedback in energy and metals from SuperNovae and AGN, are carried out with a twofold aim: (a) to study the effect that different feedback sources have on the observational properties of the intra-cluster medium as observed in the X-ray band and through the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect; (b) to quantify the accuracy and possible systematics in the mass measurement of galaxy clusters at different wavelength, in order to calibrate them as precision tools to constrain cosmological models. 

Contact Person: S. Borgani 

Staff: A. Biviano, G. GranatoP. Monaco, G. Murante, E. Rasia

PostDoc: V. Biffi

PhD Students: E. Gjergo, L. Bassini


Cosmological Simulations

Contact Person: G. Murante

Staff: S. Borgani, P. Monaco, M. Viel



Fast Simulations of catalogues of Dark Matter Haloes

The PINOCCHIO (PINpointing Orbit Crossing-Collapsed HIerarchical Objects) code has been recently developed to generate in a very fast way catalogs of dark matter halos that match those generated with a standard N-body simulation in mass, position, velocity and merger history. PINOCCHIO is presently used, within the EUCLID collaboration, to generate simulated (mock) catalogs for the computation of covariance matrices of 2-point statistics.

Contact Person: P. Monaco

Staff: S. Borgani, E. SefusattiM. Viel 


PhD Students: M. Colavincenzo



Simulations of the Intergalactic Medium


Contact person: M. Viel

Staff: S. Borgani, P. Monaco


PhD Students: