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Informatical technologies and Astrophysics.

In the technological field,he participated in national and international great instrumental projects as responsible of the design, implementation and commissioning of the control software both for the instrumentation of focal plan of the modern optic telescopes of class 8-10 m and big astronomical facilities (among the most important: ESO / VLT UVES, ESO / VLT FLAMES / Giraffes, ESO / VLT Xshooter and ESO ALMA / ACS; CODEX, OPTIMOS-Eve and OPTIMOS-Dioramas for the European-Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), East solar telescope; Currently as software system engineer of the spettrografo ESO / VLT ESPRESSO).


In the field of the stellar astrophysics he participated in suitable jobs to analyze and to trace the chemical ownerships and dynamics of the structures of disk and the halo of the Galaxy, with the intent to provide, from an observative point of view, binds to the chemical evolution models of the galaxies.