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An Astrofit Fellow to the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste.
The title of the project for which I have been financed is:
Revealing the Natures of the First Stars: the role of the chemical signatures in the primordial stars of our Galaxy

Expert in chemical evolution of the galaxies, particularly in the Local group. Developed a code of stocastic evolution that is able to fore-tell not only the middle evolution of a single chemical element, but also their dispersion in function of their nucleosynthesis. This stocastic code is fundamental for testing the chemical evolution of the elements in the primordial Galaxy, particularly for the elements of neutronic capture.

Connected with this research interest, I have often worked in synergy with observatory experts, particularly in stellar spectra and with stellar models experts on nucleosynthesis; I have become familiar also with these matters of research: I am in fact PI of two observative proposals at UVES-VLT and currently I have also started working on codes of nucleosynthesis.


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