The SKA Telescope Manager Consortium, one of the main packages involved into the Pre Construction Phase, is responsible for monitoring the entire telescope and the operational and engineering status of its components and subsystems. It is also responsible for the control of all subsystems and components, providing online support and physical access to the system, sending control signals , when it is needed, and detecting and managing faults when they occur and coordinating the management of safety signals. Moreover, the Telescope Manager is responsible of the observations management, including the telescope operations, metadata collection and monitoring and control data storage and so on. It is connected to other SKA elements via interfaces and provides the base for all the telescope operations.

The SKA - Telescope Manager (SKA-TM) Consortium is led by INDIA (National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA-TIFR)) with many partners, among which South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Portugal.

It is divided in 7 main Work Packages and INAF has the responsibility in one of them , SKA.TEL.MGR.LMC (Local Monitor and Control) package.

For INAF , these are the institutes participating in SKA :

  • Trieste Astronomical Observatory
  • Teramo Astronomical Observatory
  • Catania Astronomical Observatory
  • IRA – Istituto di RadioAstronomia (Bologna – Medicina)

INAF is involved into the following work packages:

  • SKA.TEL.MGR.LMC (Local Monitoring and Control): it includes all the software and hardware needed to support the management system of the telescope in a distributed environment. It encloses a dedicated software that controls the system performance and ensures that remote diagnostics can be performed.
  • SKA.TEL.MGR. SE (System Engineering): it covers the system enginnering activity for the Telescope Manager element, for the Phase1 and 2 of the SKA1 Pre Construction Phase. In this package the GUI (Graphical User Interface) component has been added.
  • SKA.TEL.MGR.OBSMGT (Observation Management): it covers all the activity involved into the astronomical observations with the telescope.

SKA – Italia:

Staff OATs: R. Smareglia, C. Knapic, A. Marassi
Contract: G. Jerse, V. Alberti