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Galaxy clusters: numerical simulations and observations; dark matter and intra-cluster medium;  X-ray and optical measurement biases. 

Description: Investigating galaxy cluster properties is crucial to validate our knowledge of the fundamental physical processes that regulate the formation and evolution of cosmic structures and the interaction between the constituents of the uni- verse: baryons, dark matter, and dark energy.
Clusters of galaxies are optimal systems to unveil the mysterious nature of the dark sector of our universe because their structural and thermodynamical properties facilitate their observation and, at first order, their modeling. However, to reach the precision required to significantly advance the knowledge of cosmological parameters, we need to carefully study possible sources of systematics affecting cluster measurements. 
Analyzing hydro-dynamical simulations with a strongly observational approach focused on X-ray and optical analysis, my goals are (1) to sharpen the interpretation of astrophysical processes highlighted by existing missions, (2) to develop a theoretical framework in support of future large cosmological cluster-based surveys, and (3) to support the community in the preparation and development of scientific cases for future missions, such as Athena.


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